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India's Most Reputed Tarot and Wiccan Expert Now in the U.K.

Top Tarot and Wicca expert featured in Femina, New Woman, HT, etc. Accurate predictions of World Cup in DNA alongside Bejan Daruwala. Top 10 Women Icons of India in TOI. Past columnist Times Ascent, Express Starteller, Mother and Baby, Go Air, DNA She. Host, The Chair, UTV India's first Supernatural Reality TV show.

A Leader in Tarot and Ascension

Past President of Tarot India Network, Founder of Global Wicca Tradition and Magick School and Store since 2002 until 2016 and AUM meditation centre on moving to the U.K. Created Asia's First Tarot deck with 22 artists for the Museum of Tarot in Italy featured in the book by the department of Art and Culture, Italy.


Services and Courses
Initial Consultation: Tarot plus Vedic Birth Chart Analysis
This reading forms the foundation or assessment that helps in future healing and long term therapy, and is highly recommended. It is especially important to take this reading if it is your first time with Swati Prakash. Further healing (meditation …
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One Hour Video Call One to One Healing Session
This session is a meditative reading and healing session in order to help you receive positive energy and support for manifesting your best life, dealing with any issues and cleansing of unwanted energy so that you receive personal empowerment. The …
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Brief Healing Session 30 mins
This session is a shorter meditative and healing session over tarot in order to help you receive positive energy and support for manifesting your best life, dealing with any issues and cleansing of unwanted energy so that you receive personal …
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12 Hours Workshop (two full days)
Workshop Names: (Kindly choose one of the below and email me over contact form) 1. Divination and Introduction to Magical and Psychic Skills: 12 Hrs £500 2. Energy Healing and Manifestation Skills and Self Mastery Attunements: 12 Hrs £500
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Long Term Therapy or Course
Annual Subscription (Reading and Healing)
With a long term healing therapy you are empowered with deep insightful meditation sessions for psychic protection, chakra healing, cleansing, energising, and manifestation with the five Wiccan elements, all year round. You receive one session of 1 …
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Annual Training Courses and Workshops
There are 4 courses per year of your Initiation as a degree program. The courses available are held over one to one sessions privately over video calls for 12 weeks per course, with one hourly sessions each week and theory notes over email, …
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What my students and clients say over 20 plus years.
Samarjeet Shimpi

She not only predicted correct outcome but helped in healing through cancer treatment thereby easing the pain. (Known for 20 years).


Important Guidelines

What is Tarot Therapy and Wiccan Healing?
Important Guidelines for Clients

Tarot Therapy, Wiccan Healing, and Vedic Astro Therapy are for healing of any aspect of life or behaviour and can be a great way of reducing stress, receiving counselling help, peace, higher Self's energy, or positive messages if taken as regular sessions (e.g. once a month or once every two weeks if need be, just like any other counselling or therapy session). 

I will help you with a deep mindfulness meditation therapy session for spiritual advise, chakra healing, psychic energy reading and manifesting a positive reality using Tarot and Astro as supporting instruments. 

I am a graduate in Psychology and Doctor of Alterative Medicine, as well as Past Life Therapist, Reiki channel and Wiccan healing expert. 

These modalities are best combined with a positive Vegan (non violence based) and Ethical lifestyle in order to cleanse karma and progress spiritually. I am against use of magick or astrological services for any harmful purposes or to control anyone sexually (vashikaran) or to curse, revenge, black magic, tantric aghora, evil vodoo, or any other negative purpose or to promote its use in rigid fatalistic ways. We all manifest our reality through our vibrations and we can manifest a wonderful reality and protect ourselves from negative forces, only through positive vibrations of beliefs, thoughts, emotions, intentions, and behaviour which are the five elements of nature and magick. 

Each person is responsible for their own energy and life. As per the Wiccan Rede (guidelines) one must Harm None and Do As You Will as whatever you give returns your way multiple times by the Power of Three x Three (Law of Karma). 

I can also train you in energy healing, positive Wiccan spells, Tarot and Divination for Initiation with 12 week courses in each subject (or a weekend workshop in case you have a small group to split the costs). These are all bookable in advance with 24 to 48 hours notice for healing sessions and two weeks notice for courses and workshops.

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1. Global Wicca Tradition (More about the spiritual philosophical path or belief system of Global Wicca founded by me)


2. Earth Healing Network (Vegan and Spiritual Ascension blog with free books and articles by me)


3. Success Courses (Many Quick and Affordable video courses that can be instantly viewed and completed online)



Swati Prakash is available for seminars, workshops, interviews, TV shows, and literary events. For Media and Press Enquiries or Personal Meetings kindly email: [email protected]

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